Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Power Windows

Since my driver's window stop working, I decided to go all in and see what the damage was. Ever since I owned the car the drivers windows was the only one that would work from the control panel on the door, the passenger windows only worked on the individual doors.
It didn't take me long to rip off the fender, side trim and finally peel back the insulation and inspect the 25 pin connector. Four wires were completely cut off and another 8 had severe cuts in them.
After inspecting the connector, I called up Honda looking for a replacement and they wanted $500 for a whole new cable! After an hour of trying to remove the pins on the broken connector I said forget this, went down to Radio Shack and pick up 25 bullet connections. After that, I spent over 3 hours cutting cables, stripping wiring, crimping, soldering and testing.

Now all my windows work from the main control panel! It has been my largest pain, which is now cured!

I have also had significant progress on my heater setup, which I will post about once I get some more time to case it up.


Dino said...

hey how did u no which wire go where i cant find a diagram for nuttin but i have the same prob email me i can really use ur help plz

s said...

i had the same issue in a 1994 Honda accord, called up a local scrapyard (they don't crush hondas typically) and just ripped out a new controller from a 97 accord, plugged it in and worked perfect, they don't change many of the standard parts between years so you can find parts dirt cheap.