Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greener Pastures

It has rained almost non-stop this week, taking away any real chance I have had to work or even drive the EV. I did take the time to think through my battery upgrade and contact the local Sam's Club for some specs. I need to physically inspect the batteries to be sure, but the specs they gave me matched the US 8VGC to the letter, which is my current battery of choice. I have the price of the pack and next I have to check prices on the material for the new battery rack and to find a way to weld it.

I am giving myself until the end of April to get the new batteries and rack built. I am first going to visit Sam's Club, check out the batteries and get measurements. Then I will have my rack built before I even purchase the batteries.

Until then I will continue driving the EV around town and continue enjoying driving gas free.


Gregess said...

Have you checked out Northeast Battery in Auburn MA? They gave me a pretty good price for Trojan batteries, and I think they sell a "house brand" that's even cheaper. They won't deliver unless you buy a whole pallet, but you can be like me and take advantage of a friend with a truck and pick them up.

David Harrington said...

I will have to check them out. I have a small list of places to call for quotes, but I haven't had the time to call yet. Maybe tomorrow if I can get my school project done.

I do have my parent's minivans that could handle the battery loads.

Dean said...

Also get a price from Batteries Etc. They sell Trojans, but don't advertise, and were able to beat the price I got (unfortunately after I got them)

David Harrington said...

I got a few quotes, and they are all over my budget. So the Sam's Club are winning out due to price. I don't have all the official specs, but even with the worst case specs they gave me, I should have at least 25 miles of range, more than the solid 20 miles I really need.