Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Motivation

Well this weather has giving me some more motivation to work on the EV! It was about 70F today and I got a lot done on the control tray.

I have one more mount to make for it, then I get down to installing the components. I also am going to to cut out some sheet metal to make a base for the components and for splash protection. This tray isn't complete yet, and it already looks really good. This engine compartment is going to be stuff, but hopefully it will look professional.

It looks like this weekend I will be finishing up this control tray. I will also be redoing the entire electrical setup. I have a new contactor that I want to use to replace the two parallel smaller ones I have. There are a few things in the engine compartment that can be removed and cleaned up a bit, like excess wiring brackets that aren't in use anymore.

Right now my wiring setup is rather difficult to follow and messy. Now that I have a DC/DC things will be changed around a bit.

My motor is still at the shop and will probably be there until mid May. When I do get it back it should be a matter of a day of installing it and making the motor mount.


Margus said...

What's in the grey box that has the 5k potentiometer attached? Are you now switching back to your original DIY motor controller or it just contains the Kelly contoller? How's your power electronics hobby doing?

David Harrington said...

The gray box contains all the messy wiring, relays, vacuum switch and fuses for the EV. The Kelly controller has it's own smaller tray (which isn't in the picture) that will be placed close to the motor.

I haven't had the time to work on my DIY controller, and I need to get an oscilloscope to properly work on it.

hou said...

I have a new contactor that I want to use to replace the two parallel smaller ones I have.
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