Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Battery Trays

I have almost completed the template for the front battery trays. I have to buy the real materials, but I will post a picture once I have finished making the mounts that hold the trays to the sides of the engine compartment.

The engine compartment isn't organized too great. I can only get three batteries in the front, which is all I need. I was hoping to get four in, but the batteries were too large and the brake lines, motor adapter and transmission got in the way.When I post the picture tomorrow you can see the crazy battery setup I have. And in order to get the three batteries in the front, I might have to change the location of the 12 volt aux battery.


Margus said...

Why don't you scrap the auxiliary battery and get yourself a light dc-dc?

Another question, where did you get the hub in motor coupling? I was talking to local guys who have a waterjet and they told me they can't make the key-cavity into the inner part of hub for the shaft.

David Harrington said...

I thought about getting a DC-DC converter to replace the battery, but everyone who uses one says it's not enough to power the loads alone and the battery is needed to function properly.

As for the hub, I got it from SurplusCenter.com for something like $5. Yeah, when I first went to machine shops looking for them to make the coupling, they couldn't do the keyway, so I designed it myself with the hub piece, and found a machine shop willing to build it and they said they did have the ability to make the keyway if I wanted, but said the hub was the better way to go.