Monday, October 15, 2007

Parts Change

After some more research, and looking at what I really need this EV to do, I have selected different parts. I am changing to an ADC A00-4009 Motor and a Kelly 24-84 V 400 Amp controller. These two are less exspensive as the previous parts I had chosen, and will do the same thing for me. I have been looking into my realistic budget, and I am trying to keep all of the conversion parts to a $2,000 budget. I am very close to that as of right now, and I hope that I can sell parts from the Civic to make some more money.

So now I have an ADC A00 that will have 12 HP @ 72 Volts, which is more than enough for what I need. Remember, my goal is about 50 miles at 45 MPH, but all I need is 25 miles at 40 MPH, so if I design it higher, it will fullfill all of my daily needs.

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